Iron Giant Tree Removal
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Let us handle your large tree problem with ease … using our tree-mek® 100-Foot crane saw

Serving the Kansas City area

fully insured & Licensed

Safe. Smart. Affordable.



Our Technology allows us to create a safe environment for your property and FOR our personnel. Instead of climbing your tree and manually cutting off limbs, Our advanced equipment allows us to stay on the ground and remove your tree at a safe distance … with a crew of one.



We Realize that wood is a natural source of beauty and ENERGY. It shouldn't be simply cut and throw into a landfill. It was created for more, and we want to fulfill its purpose through our work. all Sturdy wood cut by our machine will be put back into use. Whether we turn it into LUMBER, firewood or even furniture, We promise to find the most sustainable purpose for your tree.


Mechanized …

LARGE Tree removal


Removing Trees over & Between homes | Removal of Dead, diseased, or storm-damaged trees

Handling trees up to 120 feet tall

Commercial & Government:

removing Big trees | Cutting Back problem trees near roads, Lines, and structures

removal & Clean-up of storm-damaged trees


Credit Cards Accepted